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Features * Wired gamepad for PC / PS * Gamepad is suitable to use with PC and for Sony PlayStation 2 and 3 as well. * Xinput games support * Latest PC games use Xinput as an API (which is not supported by the most old models of gamepads). This gamepad is ready to work with any game for Win 7/8/10 right out of package. * 10 buttons * Two analog joysticks * Two mini joysticks allow to play more games, such as football simulators. * 4-way D-Pad * Vibration feedback * Makes collisions more realistic (if the game supports vibration feedback of game controller). * Turbo mode * Ensures effective use of weapons in shooter games. * Extremely durable rubberized coating «Soft touch» * Special non-slip coating is pleasant to the touch and ensures firm grip. * USB powered * Connection type Wired * Supported platforms PC (Dinput and Xinput), PlayStation® 1 / 2, PlayStation® 3 * Interface USB, PS Gameport * Support Xinput games Yes * Sensor type Resistive * Hat switch 4 * Buttons 10 buttons, Turbo/Slow/Analog buttons, 2 mini-joystics * D-Pad 4-way * Vibration feedback 2 built-in vibration motors * Compatibility Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 * Power supply 5V, from USB/PlayStation Gameport connection * Cable length 2 m * ROHS / CE Yes

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