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Unfortunately the headphones supplied with the players and smartphones break easily, are of low sound quality and are poorly adapted to the ear.

You can do something against that, go to the Monster headphones.

Better construction

Trust your ears with Monster® know-how. Monster® ClarityHD ™ headphones and headphones are reinforced at the junction points.

Better comfort

Designed to fit perfectly to all shapes and sizes of ear. In-ear headphones come with 3 types of adapters. The ultrafine cord offers comfort of use even in motion!

Best sound

The sound has been carefully designed by the Monster® experts and offers near-perfect sound quality in terms of bass, percussion, power or high frequencies. Monster® ClarityHD ™ gives you clear, quality sound.

Even better wireless

Monster®'s innovative dual drum design provides extended listening for up to 5 hours of continuous listening, with sound that's as good as wired.

Better isolation & clear calls

Monster® ClarityHD ™ headphones and earphones feature a superior sound isolation system to fully focus on music. No need to take off your headset to take a call! With Universal ControlTalk® control technology, you can pick up and continue your conversation with ease thanks to the built-in echo cancellation microphone. The 3-button remote lets you take your calls, adjust the volume and change your musical tracks at your ease.

Dimensions (HxWxD): 20.6 x 7.6 x 3.2 cm

  • Bluetooth headset with ultra thin cable
  • Ultra light
  • Ultra-strong headphones with powerful bass
  • Universal ControlTalk
  • USB charging on the control
  • Double battery - Double autonomy
  • Clear calls
  • 5 hours of autonomy

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